What We Do ?

Nael Machinery offers one of the most comprehensive lines of packaging equipment in the flexible packaging machinery industry. We sell many of the packaging equipment brands you recognize like SMIPACK, ROBOPAC, DOLZAN, BAFU, FILLPACK, OCEAN ASSOCIATE, KWT & ALTECH packaging equipment includes automatic baggers, shrink wrap sealers and heat tunnels, skin packaging equipment, vacuum sealers in snorkel and chamber models, modified atmosphere machines with gas flush, medical heat sealers, flow wrappers for standard, labeling, paper converting, liquid filling machine VFFS machines, food processing, metal dedicator and high speed applications as well as a variety of heavy duty packaging and heat sealing machines for every industry. Use this web site to find the machine you are looking for or click the CONTACT US button to contact one of our packaging experts who will assist you with your selection.

We provide

packaging, filling solutions and fulfillment services to a number of markets. These markets include a wide of products from the personal care, food/ beverage and retail gifts item. With headquarters centrally located in Kuwait, Packaging offers exceptional quality and service that directly benefits our clients

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